Quote from the Google on UX, Not Advertising

May 30, 2011

Quote to note: I am equally skeptical about pundit pronouncements and big search company explanations. Combine the two and there is an opportunity for mischief and misunderstanding. First, navigate to “Google Denies ‘Freeze’ on Manual Search Controls.” The story reports that a pundit asserted one thing and the giant company counter asserted the opposite.

In the midst of this flummery, a really interesting quote from the giant company appears. Here she be: Google allegedly says:

…manual controls are necessary to improve the user experience in very limited cases, such as security concerns, legal issues and spam.

So algorithms do some of the work using inputs. Then humans make judgments and take actions to improve “user experience.” I wonder if some of those actions are designed to pump up revenues from advertising. Probably not.

Stephen E Arnold, May 30, 2011

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