Useful Search Comparison Tools

June 13, 2011

Makeuseof gives us “3 Useful Tools To See & Compare Search Results Side By Side.” It presents three tools that it deems to be the most useful of the available search comparison tools.

Each entry allows you to view results in side-by-side panels. 2lingual allows you to search in two languages, while Googawho and SearchBoth each have their own pluses.

Makeuseof‘s Anne Smarty likes Googawho’s ability to switch between engines quickly:

Just type your query, get the initial columns of results and click through search engines in the header to switch between the engines.

SearchBoth excels at switching between vertical searches, such as images or video, shopping, or news. Another nice feature:

Navigate through various local tool versions to combine and compare search engines from your country.

These tools are useful and can be interesting for test queries. See what you think. Worth bookmarking.

Cynthia Murrell June 13, 2011

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