Is XML Running Out of Steam in Search?

July 22, 2011

XML is probably the most well known web technology in the world but users are discovering that depending on their needs other technologies can be quite valuable. According to the XML article “JSON vs XML – A Jason vs Freddie Sequel,” JSON is a functional and feature friendly web technology. XML/XMLHttpRequest refers to “the world wide XML standard for data” and is used to describe data format as well as transportation pattern.

The XMLHttpRequest is needed in order to obtain information from servers. Unless a proxy server featuring an AJAX XML toolkit is used, “the server has to be in the same domain as the web page.” JSON, stands for JavaScript Object Notation and this option of data formatting makes information obtained from any server native JavaScript. When information is obtained from the server it is already in JavaScript object format and ready to be used. In addition users can add additional tools such as methods and procedures to JavaScript depending on their needs.

JSON allows users to gain flexibility and build technology that meets their specific needs. “You can call it “serverless” programming. Users drop small pieces of JavaScript into their HTML to get big functionality. “XML is still highly used and is a good choice but JSON definitely gives them a run for their money.”

So what?

With certain XML centric vendors repositioning or taking a low, low, low profile, maybe XML for search is running out of steam or in search of a new way to generate revenues? Want me to identify some XML search engines which have drifted out of the spotlight? Well, I won’t. Let’s just look for vendors who are repositioning or telling me, “Just because we have no blog posts and no tweets, we are really cruising along.” Okay with me.

Stephen E Arnold, July 22, 2011

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