Boounce for Firefox Consolidates your Search

July 26, 2011

So, you want to use alternate search systems? Makeuseof suggests, “Discover & Switch Between Different Search Engines With Boounce [Firefox].” The new add-on to Firefox (pronounced “bounce”) allows users to easily switch between search engines, including the more specific vertical searches.

Writer Anne Smarty lists Boounce’s highlights: “Easily Jump To Other Search Engines,” “Easily Compare Search Results (Google & Bing),” and “Quickly Search From The Toolbar.” Under each of these headings, she gives tips on how to get the most out of this new search option.

In closing, Smarty seems to issue a call to action:

“One more important note here is that the tool claims to be community-driven: recommended search engines in the toolbar are picked based on the user behavior. That being said, we can hope that the tool will get better and better when more people start using it.”

I use Firefox almost exclusively, so I gave it a try. The demo you can view when you sign up is very helpful. It can take a little experimentation to get the hang of it, but I was happy with my results.

However, with Google pulling in its horns for the Google Toolbar for Firefox, I wonder is the browser will have the legs it enjoyed when it was showered with Google love?

Cynthia Murrell July 26, 2011

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