Quote to Note: Google Is Polluted

July 27, 2011

Quote to note: A routine day in Kentucky. A transformer adjacent the goose pond exploded at 1 15 pm. A little curiosity from the local police, the fire department, and the electrical company. Sigh. When the power flickered to life after a seven hour outage, I read “Facebook Investor Roger McNamee Explains Why Social Is Over.” The write up had a video to a speech in which the quote to note allegedly appears. I am not a video goose, so I focused on the write up. The alleged quote from a superstar and venture type was:

Google is a victim of its own success: its search has become polluted by SEOs. What shows that Google has failed is all those “non-search” services that really solve a search problem, like Match.com or Realtor.com. If you add them all up, they account for 50% of searches.

Accurate? Who knows. I quite liked the turn of phrase in “polluted by SEOs”, however.

Stephen E Arnold, July 24, 2011



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