Google Plus: Preening for Ads?

August 16, 2011

Google+ is still being developed, although officially launched earlier this summer.  Google wanted the service to be available to enough users so that they could garner feedback and understand users’ expectations.  So as feedback pours in, Google continues to react, comment, develop, and tweak.  In, “5 Plus Google +1 SEO Tips from Googleplex in Mountain View,” the focus is on search engine optimization tips for using the +1 function.

The simplicity of the +1 button within mobile apps such as barcode scanners could have exciting implications on conversion behavior, potentially drives purchasing both in-store and offline by allowing users to “bookmark” real objects.  Another use of the callback mechanism, is to tailor product recommendations “after the click” of the Google +1 button . . . Alternatively, the retailer could customize the user experience of the store, based on the +1 cookie data, and display more recommendations for that user’s next visit.

Advertising is Google’s cash cow, and there is no doubt they hope to protect their slice of the online advertising market from Facebook’s growing presence.  We expect to see a growing ad presence on Google+ as the network expands and as retailers learn how to use the network’s functions to their advantage.  Once Google+ proves its advertising merit, retailers will be eager to partner with the trusted search giant.

Publisher Stephen E Arnold’s research suggests that Google plays the “organic” search card as a palliative and red herring when Webmasters offer Web pages are not Adwords customers. When traffic or visibility flags, what’s the surest path to traffic? Mr. Arnold suggests, “Adwords. Google is in business to generate money, not undercut its core revenue stream.”

Emily Rae Aldridge, August 16, 2011

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