Google Innovation Continues Despite Google Labs Closure

September 19, 2011

Google made its name in online search and continues to lead the pack. But even those who don’t prefer Google for search have to admire the company’s devotion to innovation. Google Labs has been Google’s innovation showroom, but is sadly slated to be closed as featured in, “5 Other Google Labs That Will Help To Keep You Informed About Google Developments.”

Google recently announced that it is putting the padlock on Google Labs, the experimental section from where many groundbreaking ideas (yup, even Gmail and Google Reader) spewed forth. The recent announcement did not shed light on the specific closure date or the fate of each product that’s still gestating there. So, until the last proverbial nail is hit on the coffin, you can still traipse around signs that say – Shh! Men at work.

If you visit Google Labs today, you will see notices next to many of the features stating that they will either be phased out within a certain time frame, or graduated out of labs and folded into other Google features. Take some time to read the article and catch up on some of Google Labs latest features. And before it’s too late, visit Google Labs and admire some of the innovative features offered there. But cost cutting is cost cutting, innovative or not.

Emily Rae Aldridge, September 19, 2011

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