MaxxCAT Claws into the Search Appliance Market

September 19, 2011

A news item, “Strengthen Your Enterprise Search with a Highly Optimized Search Appliance from MaxxCAT,” focuses on MaxxCAT, a competitor to Google Search and Thunderstone Search appliances. we learned:

No matter what size or style of business that you have, MaxxCAT can offer a solution for your enterprise search that is easily scalable as your data storage and recovery needs grow. In most cases, upgrading is as simple as adding another appliance to your rack mount.

According to the MaxxCAT website, the Pittsburgh based company was founded in 2007, a relative newcomer to the world of enterprise search. They claim to provide the highest performing search solutions at the lowest price points in the industry. The story asserts:

MaxxCAT’s product line has grown from a single high performance machine, the original SB-250, to a comprehensive line of high availability, high performance, low cost solutions that address some of the leading edge requirements of today’s search industry.

The prices are certainly competitive, and the line-up of offered products is diverse. While not yet the top player in the market, MaxxCAT could certainly move up the ranks as efficient but affordable search solutions are sought in the current sobering economic climate. Beyond Search has a soft spot in its heart for Pittsburgh-based firms. Our founder, Stephen E Arnold, attended Duquesne University while indexing Latin sermons and then he and his partners sold The Point (Top 5% of the Internet) to Lycos more than 15 years ago. Hilly place, however.

Emily Rae Aldridge, September 19, 2011

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