Google+ User Update Searches: Premature at Best

September 20, 2011

Now that Google has unveiled Google+ to the world, the world is ready to start using it! The .article, How to Search for Google Plus User Updates, on Make Use Of, explains step-by-step how to do just what it says – search for Google+ user updates.

The article provides a step by techie step guide on how to manipulate Google’s own search engine to get results from Google’s own social network site. Hmmm….One has to manipulate Google to get Google info? The article summed it up best:

It’s weird that Google (a search engine in the first place) has created its own social network without giving users the ability to search for other users’ real-time updates. There’s an option to search for users – which works much like Facebook’s people search – start typing and people will be suggested instantly. It works primarily by matching words you are typing with users’ names and emails.

While one can toy around with the Google search engine to get the results they are looking for, the question that came to our minds was, “who cares?” Not to be rude to Google+, but Facebook, it ain’t. At least not yet.

Google gets that dreamy look in its eyes every time they talk about the future of Google+, but so far, Facebook isn’t feeling very threatened.

Google+ might just be the perfect, billion-dollar blend of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but Google is making changes, just more slowly than I expected. The “real names” method is one example. The slow inclusion of Google Plus content into search results is another. Where’s that fast cycle, multiple iteration method from the glory days of 2006 and 2007? Why the hurry up and wait?

Catherine Lamsfuss, September 20, 2011

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