Yandex Buys into Blekko: Is a Move on Google Underway?

October 5, 2011

Blekko, a search engine company with goals to provide better search results than those offered by Google, has now secured $30 million in funding from a range of old and new investors. The most notable of which is Yandex, a Russian IT company which operates the largest search engine in Russia. With 64% market share, Yandex is ranked eighth – largest in the world and develops a number of internet-based services and products.

According to the Search Engine Land article Russian Search Engine Yandex Leads $30 Million Investment in Blekko , Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta said:

Yandex will help Blekko in a number of ways beyond the funding, including providing some technology infrastructure support. As a result of the new funding and Yandex support Blekko’s index and search results will improve considerably “in the tail.” For the most common search queries Blekko has been highly competitive but not done as well for more obscure or longer query strings.

By landing a big fish like Yandex, i’m sure that Blekko has gained additional confidence in their ability to compete with Google for the title of number one search engine in the world. However, Blekko has some flaws. uses Blekko for search. We find that the system is pretty much useless. Maybe Yandex sees a silver lining. Google should not be too concerned—yet.

Jasmine Ashton, October 5, 2011

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