Beating the Panda Once More

October 14, 2011

In February 2011 Google dealt a major blow to websites across the globe – Panda.  Since that day people have been screaming at how unfair the big bear is.  The article, Scrapers and the Panda Update – A Match Made in Heaven, on Search Engine Journal, is just one more in the long line of Panda bashing rants.
A sad anecdote is given in the article about an up and coming web producer who was knocked off his throne by Panda. To make matters worse very bad people were stealing his content, repackaging it, and passing it off as their own with no consequences by Panda. The injustice of it all!
The author did give a few recommendations for the Big G and its pet bear:
I wrote a blog post in 2009 that offered up some of my own suggested guidelines for Google in handling reconsideration requests. I’m still convinced this could work:
        The penalized Webmaster fully and truthfully completes a reconsideration request Wizard, which walks you through the Google webmaster guidelines & identifies compliance issues.
  • Google immediately acknowledges receipt of the request and has 10 business days to respond.
  • The response, at minimum, informs the webmaster what areas of his site do not conform to the guidelines and what penalty has been assessed.
  • Google informs the webmaster that his penalty will be removed within X days/weeks/months after coming into compliance.
Is that really too much to ask? I don’t think so.
Panda was a definite change in how Google configures search results, but in Google’s defense they must throw a curve ball every once and again to keep from becoming yesterday’s news.  Risk is part of the web content and SEO business. Toughen up – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Catherine Lamsfuss,  October 14, 2011


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