Keyword Research – An Interesting Approach

October 15, 2011

Search Engine Watch offers a non-traditional examination of search engine ranking in, “Keyword Research: Dealing With Uncertainty.”  The author lays out a plan for researching which keywords will return the highest ROI for search engine ranking.

The method is explained:

When selecting the keywords you would like to rank for, you must take several factors into account. Preferably you’re able to calculate its potential ROI by finding out what effort is required for a return in profit. There are, however, various uncertainties that you can choose to minimize.

Quite frankly the article is quite lengthy and the illustrations are somewhat incomprehensible.  Perhaps we are not smart enough to understand the point here.  But for those who live and die by SEO, the innovative approach might be worth a second look.

Emily Rae Aldridge, October 15, 2011


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