SEO Experts May Need a New Job

October 20, 2011

Under the pretense of heightening users’ security, Google has decided to pull the plug on keyword referrer information for logged in users. Search Engine Land collected and posted some of the more interesting reactions from online publications in their article, “Reactions from SEOs Come Loud, Fast, and Often Angry To Google’s Switch To Encrypted Search.

To break down the news, basically users signed into will be sent to the https version of Google. Keywords used in their search queries will not be tracked or reported, even to Google Analytics. Google claims that less than 10 percent of users will be affected by this change.

This article correctly points to Google’s true motivation for this switch. It asserts:

Well, it won’t be hidden if those searchers click on one of Google’s ads because, in that case, Google says its advertisers need to be able to “measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and to improve the ads and offers they present to you.

Oh, oh.

SEOs are in a tizzy with this information. Search Engine Journal reported on it, Holistic Search Marketing laments on the changes here, and HOBO hypothesizes on the future.

It seems that the reactions are a testament to just how much Google’s keyword referrals benefited SEOs. Google wants to favor those who pay–those who use Google Adwords. It’s a good thing you get a free $100 in campaign money just for signing into Google Webmaster Tools.

Megan Feil, October 20, 2011

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