Too Much Data? Digital Reasoning Has a Solution

October 21, 2011

More and more businesses are turning to companies specializing in analytics to simplify the massive amounts of data and turn that data into meaningful information. Digital Reasoning is one such company and a recent interview with Robert Metcalf, president, as found on the company’s website sheds light on Digital Reasoning’s past, present and optimistic future.

The company was born in 2000 in Franklin, Tennessee, and has had some impressive accomplishments in its first decade. Synthesys, its technology’s name, was chosen in 2009 by the United States Army Intelligence as the core of its INSCOM Enterprise Platform.

Alongside government entities, Digital Reasoning also supplies analytics to the commercial sector. One of the questions asked during the interview was what are the challenges servicing both government and commercial industries. According to Metcalf that challenge of providing a service that can be made applicable across several industries is one of the components that makes Synthesys unique and gives Digital Reasoning an edge in the market.

When asked about the accomplishments over the last year, Metcalf said:

…we are very pleased with the course over the last number of months, and particularly over the course of this year, the strides we’ve made with regard to our technology, particularly with respect to the work we’ve done with our analytics, our algorithms, and our approach to unstructured data, and leveraging some great technologies in Hadoop and Cassandra and seeing those things continue to mature and scale as our product and product roadmap continues to be developed.

Metcalf also reported that he believes the last ten years have been spent trying to sort through all the data that companies by which companies are bombarded. While that is a useful process and quite necessary he sees the next ten years moving toward finding meaning within the data. That is where Digital Reasoning comes in useful and Metcalf anticipates a surge in interest in the company as a result.

All and all, Digital Reasoning is poised to explode in the market of data analysis and vertical filing. With its ducks seemingly in a row and successes already under its belt, this sophomore company gets a big thumbs up from us.

Catherine Lamsfuss, October 21, 2011

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