PolySpot Wins over OSEO with Enterprise Search

October 28, 2011

Paris-based PolySpot’s reliability in conjunction with their innovative technologies paid off. In the news release, “OSEO Opts for a new Search Engine with PolySpot” we got to hear about many of the specifics that made PolySpot stand out amongst the competition.

First, lets look at the issues that prompted OSEO to make the switch. OSEO had a Java-based directory in addition to a search engine supplied with its open source content management system.

OSEO’s former service was characterized by the following:

Indexing of data was restricted to the intranet and the search engine picked up too much ‘noise’. The users, unable to locate required information quickly, were no longer satisfied with the existing search engine which offered basic functionality.

Frédéric Vincent, Information System and Quality Assurance Manager champions their decision to use PolySpot Enterprise Search.

The functionalities that comprise an intuitive user interface make PolySpot’s Search stand out: users can now customize their internal search tool, see added-value tags related to their queries in tag cloud, and access search without quitting any other applications.

We think it may be a prudent step to check out PolySpot’s solutions at www.polyspot.com.

Megan Feil, October 28, 2011

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