Mindbreeze Named Trendsetting Product

November 11, 2011

KM World lists Fabasoft Mindbreeze as one of its “Trend-Setting Products of 2011.”  Microsoft SharePoint’s main claim is that it makes it easier for people to work together.  However, we argue that a uniform platform does not guarantee ease, not unless the solution is customized to the organization and the situation.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze boasts a highly customized enterprise solution allowing for not only efficient searching, but also “finding” across an organization’s entire system.

“Mindbreeze understands, relates and combines information from all sources and presents intelligent search results. Information can be grouped and is classified. Users can scan the different categories and spot a particular document without having to click through a list of links themselves. The information’s semantic relationship is recognized and depicted, navigation elements and facets are provided as well as a preview of any result in the browser. With Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise you get a 360 degree view of your business, customers, competitors and more.”

Any discuss of an entity’s entire platform would be incomplete without some attention to mobile devices.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze not only supports search and retrieval from mobile devices, but also ensures that access rights are continually maintained and updated on these devices as well.

“Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile supports your enterprise to profit from new opportunities to e-mail, collaborate and work with documents from any location. With Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile you can deliver any information to your mobile device’s interface and enhance it with context and classification features. Again, approved security procedures ensure that users can only see information for which they have rights.”

Since search is often carried out under time constraints, an easy and intuitive interface is essential.  Explore the features of Fabasoft Mindbreeze to learn how this trend-setting solution can work for you.

Emily Rae Aldridge, November 11, 2011


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