Mindbreeze Offers Standalone Enterprise Solution

November 14, 2011

CMS Wire follows the latest trends in enterprise CMS in “Forrester Wave Q4 2011: Bye-Bye Enterprise CMS Suites, Content-Centric Apps Are King.”  Content needs are becoming more complex and organizations are turning to multiple solutions and away from a single CMS suite.

“The first dynamic that the Forrester report identifies shows that companies are no longer looking to a single enterprise CMS suite to solve all their content needs.  There are a number of reasons for this, but looming over them all is the fact that changing content-types and greater use of, and need to manage, unstructured content is pushing many companies to use whatever application suits, from whatever vendors are providing those applications, to solve specific business problems.  And then, of course, information workers have to be able to use all these applications.”

Relying on the variety of vendors might not be the solution to the changing enterprise landscape.  Instead, choosing an agile and capable vendor like Mindbreeze seamlessly solves all of your business needs on multiple levels: mobile, web, and enterprise.   When multiple vendors are utilized, information workers are forced to train on a variety of platforms and applications.  Using one flexible solution like Mindbreeze saves valuable training time.

“SharePoint, and in particular the new release, Forrester argues, which provides ‘ECM for the masses’ has forced many vendors to rethink strategies and move towards more content-centric development.  As a result, competing vendors have been obliged to move toward specific content sets to differentiate themselves from it. Consequently, the market is now divided into a number of different types of players.”

Instead of being forced into this trend, and choosing different vendors for different content, choose one reliable vendor like Fabasoft Mindbreeze.  Applications are still content-centric, but in a smart and streamlined way, all underneath the banner of one dependable name.

*Disclaimer – Mindbreeze is currently upgrading their website.  Links will be checked and if problems arise they will be updated.  Thanks for your patience.

Emily Rae Aldridge, November 14, 2011


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