Talking to a Mobile Phone: Who Did Artificial Intelligence First?

November 25, 2011

First, Google  worked on its Android before Apple got in gear with its iPhone. Now, Microsoft did voice search on a phone before Apple. You can get the scoop in a serial content experience; that is, a video, referenced in Forbes’ “Microsoft’s Craig Mundie On Siri: Been There, Done That.” More and more frequently I marvel at the expertise of a commercial enterprise, public relations professionals, and “real” journalists to cook up scintillating insights. Here’s the passage which caught my attention on Turkey Day:

Mundie, in fact, contends that Apple has been stressing that feature on the new phone due to a lack of other truly novel improvements in the latest version of the phone.

I understand sour grapes. I mean the tablet thing must have annoyed some professionals at Microsoft. The only point I would mention is that Apple sells a modest number of mobile phones yet sucks in more than half of the money. Unlike Microsoft, Apple did not have to induce a mobile phone player to make phones. And unlike Android, Apple seems to have so far avoided the “what operating system version to I have” problem.

How does one address a slow news day when you are a “real” publication? Maybe do a video interview? Thank goodness Beyond Search is neither “real” journalism nor a “real” consulting firm. The goose is indeed unreal.

Stephen E Arnold, November 25, 2011

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