Harsh Words for SharePoint Server 2010

December 20, 2011

Microsoft SharePoint users could hardly contain their excitement when the company announced they would be releasing SharePoint Server 2010.  There were some lofty expectations for this upgrade, but it seems many users were left dissatisfied with the improvements and innovations that they found.  Bjorn Furuknap, one of the disgruntled users, took to his blog to discuss where he thinks Microsoft went wrong.

Furuknap says in his post, SharePoint Server 2010 Isn’t Really Ready for Enterprise Applications – And What Microsoft Should Do About It, that SharePoint 2010 is:

“riddled with bugs that prevent it from being a great platform for building enterprise or professional applications.” He blames the “lousy” coding for many of the problems and says that the product “lacks virtually everything that makes it sellable, including the price.”

Furuknap says that Microsoft “isn’t able to move quickly enough to compete with much more agile and nimble companies” and we must add that his analogy of an elderly person wearing hip-hop clothes conjured up some funny images.

So the question is… can a start up company beat Sharepoint?  It certainly seems that way.  Companies like Box.net and Inforbix are offering the enhancements that users are looking for. These companies are simplifying the process, enhancing the reliability and making their product cost-efficient. Watch out because this time David just make take out Goliath.

Jennifer Wensink,  December 20, 2011


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