Browse the Web and then Have Diphur Monitor It

December 26, 2011

When browsing the web, Bookmarks are often used to keep track of where we’ve been and would like to return. The unfortunate thing about Bookmarks is that they have no way of showing site updates. For those who are troubled by this fact, I would like to introduce you to Diphur.

Diphur is a practical application that notifies you when new content has been posted to your favorite websites. Also, according to a November Diphur blog post, users now have the option of private bookmarks as well as some UI changes to make navigation and filtering easier.

MakeUseOf’s Salkat Basu, reported on Diphur in the article “Monitor Just About Any Webpage For Changes with Diphur.” Basu said:

Diphur can be set up to grab any kind of updates. Think of the Giveaways you might be missing on our site. You can set up Diphur to notify you in real time when one gets announced. Just like an early bird, you can come and participate. Looking out for any content that gets published with a specific tag; Diphur can get that for you. The same goes with any other data that you might be monitoring on a periodic basis.

For those who are tired of having to constantly have to go back to their bookmarks to check for updates, adding Diphur to your repertoire will be like a breath of fresh air.

Jasmine Ashton, December 26, 2011


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