January 2012 and a 2009 Meet Up: Spoof or Goof?

January 1, 2012

The idea of accuracy is on my mind. I did a quick look at what our Overflight service “saw” in the last eight hours, and I noticed “SEO Meet Up and Its Future Potential.” The source for the document is Ontosearch which has the subtitle “Ontology Search Engine.” Since I don’t know what an ontology is, I was interested in how I might search such a system.

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I noted this passage in a write up that seemed to be reporting on a meet up in Mubai, India, in August 2009. Since it is now 2012, the idea that “news” flowing from an event held two years ago caught my attention. Here’s the passage I noted:

Keeping the potential of a SEO analyst in mind and in general the SEO vertical, a SEO meet up was organized in Mumbai on the 1st Aug 2009. Scores of SEO specialists, content experts, web designers etc. met to discuss the changing landscape of the web, and latest trends in the SEO services. This meet up was undoubtedly an eye opener for everybody and they left with a plethora of understanding. They also discussed the future of SEO. The web world has made a transition from the traditional Web 1. to Web 2.. And there are already talks of Web three. in the pipeline. The future is semantic indexing and collaborative development. A excellent SEO must have the flexibility to recognize and implement the nuances of making use of a semantic technology to link different sites and come across a way to promote his own. So adaptability and openness are going to the keys of Web 3.. Agility and continuous improvement would be the hallmark of Web three..

Hmmm. I think this is too sophisticated for an addled goose. Is this a spoof or goof? My view is that this is an example of content which looks as if it were the product of a person who graduated from a junior college. Then again, when an addled goose cannot figure out”agility”, I think we have another example of fancy words and meaning free content. Are Bing and Google fooled? I think so.

A quick review of other posts on the Web site reveal other write ups which baffle. If you are looking for information about a taxonomy, Pandia and ArnoldIT will publish in 2012 a monograph on the subject. No spoof, and we hope that we don’t goof. That’s a useful New Year’s resolution: Write about sources, ideas, and developments which sort of make sense “ontologically”, of course. I think it is time for content to “relevel up”, a phrase used by a political candidate.

But not for the owner of the domain in Timur, Indonesia.

Stephen E Arnold, January 1, 2012


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