Digital Reasoning Connects with TeraDact

January 4, 2012

Big data analytics specialist Digital Reasoning has been a regular topic of discussion here at Beyond Search, most recently for achieving series B funding for a big data intelligence push.

Now, we would like to share an exciting new development in the quest to solve the big data problem in the news release “Digital Reasoning and TeraDact Partner to Automatically Remove Sensitive Information from Big Data.”

According to the article, TeraDact Solutions, a software tools and data integration solutions provider, has integrated their TeraDactor Information Identification and Presentation capabilities with Synthesys Cloud, a software-as-a-service data analytics solution.

The news story states:

In conjunction with Synthesys, TeraDactor can automatically assist in appropriately classifying information not recognized by the original data provider. TeraDactor allows participants to push and pull information without waiting for the declassification process, assuring that formerly classified documents may be released without unintended leakages.

The innovative technology that TeraDact Solutions brings to Digital Reasoning’s table demonstrates the power of Synthesys as a cloud-based data analytics tool in building the next generation of Big Data analytic solutions. Kudos to the surging Digital Reasoning organization.

Jasmine Ashton, January 4, 2012

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