What Real Journalists Do

January 20, 2012

I am not a journalist. I am not a computer guy. I am not much more than an indexer of Latin sermons so I am baffled by the baloney from MBAs, self appointed experts, and failed Webmasters who are “real” somethings or other.

I did learn one thing today when I read “News Corp Pays Out over Hacking Claims, Said to Admit Coverup.” I learned something about being a real publisher, journalist, informationist, or whatever term applies to a sprawling media empire which includes that font of wisdom, Fox News.

The passage which jumped off the page for me was:

“News Group has agreed to compensation being assessed on the basis that senior employees and directors of NGN knew about the wrongdoing and sought to conceal it by deliberately deceiving investigators and destroying evidence,” the statement said.

I think Mr. Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal, does he not? That newspaper is starting to be a bit more tabloidy in my opinion. In my little goose pond, the use of News Corp. type methods is not part of my modus operandi. Real journalists, of course, are not 67 year old addled geese. Oh, no. The people who are “real” operate in a far more sophisticated manner than Beyond Search which anchors our viewpoint to Web open sources, accepts advertising, and runs articles which are sponsored by companies like Pandia.com.

I am learning about the “real” journalism thing from a master like Mr. Murdoch. I am not a good student and I know I will fail the class. I am not a real anything. Well, I am real old.

Stephen E Arnold, January 20, 2012

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