Quote to Note: It Is about Google Revenue, Not Privacy

January 24, 2012

I am tired. The goose is ailing. I noted the write up “Larry Page to Googlers: If You Don’t Get SPYW, Work Somewhere Else” when checking news.

Here is a keeper for me:

Google built its empire on relevancy, and by giving us results that are doctored, that product is in jeopardy.

The privacy thing is not the issue for me. Anyone who assumed that free services would ignore what users do online is naive. Nope. The key point is that Facebook is not rolling over and submitting to Google. The other problem for Google is its softening revenues. As a reminder of the revenue power of Apple, just check out “Apple’s Q1 2012: $46.3B In Revenue, 37M iPhones And 15.4M iPads Sold”. And one must not overlook Jeff Bezos and his clever handling of Android on the Kindle Fire.

The Google has shifted from search to revenue protection, from innovation to emulation. The result: Jeopardy. Not even IBM’s Watson can win this game at this time.

Stephen E Arnold, January 25, 2012

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