SharePoint How-To: Keep It Simple

January 25, 2012

There is a saying in the library world, and apparently a version has made its way into the SharePoint world.  This version is, “Make it easier to use than not to use and it will get used.”  We could all learn a thing a two from this principle, but let’s look at what Kerri Abraham has to say about SharePoint in, “Give Them Instructions!

Referring to the principle above, Abraham says:

Someone in the SharePoint community used this quote in a webinar I watched years ago and it has never left me, I find myself quoting it often because it is just dorky (and easy) enough to remember. And again, proves the point that easy sells! The real gauge of an elegant solution is in its ease of use, not in how complicated it was to build.  So how do I make SharePoint easy? I provide great instructions. I test solutions with users and think creatively about how they might end up frustrated or lost and include those tips in the how-to. Then I place the link at the top of the page for a consistent method of presentation.

It is worth taking a look at Abraham’s entry and viewing her instructive photos and screenshots.  Ultimately, the point is well taken.  Give clear instructions, make it simple, and any organization’s SharePoint installation will be cleaner and more efficient.  However, we also think that third-party enterprise solutions often offer a platform that is more intuitive and easier to use out-of-the-box.  One we particulary like is Fabasoft Mindbreeze.

Read what the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce had to say about the Mindbreeze ease of use:

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise enables access to information from various data repositories throughout the organization (such as e-mail systems, file systems, data bases). By expanding the scope of Fabasoft Mindbreeze, the service center staff is now able to receive all relevant information at a glance with only one search query. The simple and intuitive user interface eliminates the need for time intensive training.

Abraham’s creative solution for implementing instructions might help end users with the everyday functions of SharePoint.  If additional efficiency is required, research Fabasoft Mindbreeze and see if it can meet your organization’s enterprise needs.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 25, 2012

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