SharePoint 2010, Windows Azure, and the Issue of Scalability

January 27, 2012

SharePoint has not seen the same explosive growth in small or medium sized business as it has in larger organizations.  One reason is simply the time and monetary investment that is required in running such an overwhelming infrastructure.  Andrew Connell addresses this issue and its possible remedy with Windows Azure in his piece, “SharePoint 2010 + Windows Azure – Why You Should Care & the Development Story.”

Connell states:

Historically SharePoint has been very popular with large organizations because they can shoulder the financial and resource requirements required to deploy SharePoint. However one place where SharePoint hasn’t grown as fast is in the small and medium side business (SMB) area. The reason for this is most likely the cost and resource requirements (not just hardware, but people as well) necessary to deploy and maintain it. With Office 365, many of these barriers have been removed and therefore it represents a new era and opportunity to grow the SharePoint customer base. Therefore this is an area you should be very aware of and should learn how you can best leverage and exploit this new and untapped market of possible SharePoint customers!

Connell goes on to give specifics regarding the solutions in Office 365, and the ways that small or medium sized business might find SharePoint more amenable to their size and financial viability.  Even as SharePoint becomes more accessible to smaller organizations, some third-party solutions are already customizing options to fit a variety of business needs.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is one excellent third-party option for an organization of any size looking for an enterprise solution.  Their scalable offerings are customized based on the needs of the customer, and expansion is an easy option whenever needed.  Read more about “Three Configurations for Dynamic Scalability and Deployment.”

The blog entry begins,

In enterprise search, quality, usability and style are as important as relevancy of results and performance to engage your users right from the start.  Let’s take a look at typical scale-out scenarios that become relevant when implementing enterprise environments with Fabasoft Mindbreeze.

The article then goes on to describe the different levels of deployment and how an organization might choose where to begin their installation.  Keep in mind that moving from one level up to the next is effortless.  Additionally, Fabasoft Mindbreeze is currently expanding onto the Cloud, where an organization’s storage needs are never limited.

So for SharePoint devotees looking for a way to make SharePoint more viable for smaller organizations, consult Connell’s findings above, but also explore the solutions presented by Fabasoft Mindbreeze and find a scalable solution that works for your organization.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 27, 2012

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