Bridging the Gap of Social Business Needs with SharePoint

February 3, 2012

Social business, social media, anything social and it is written up as a weakness in SharePoint.  Widely adopted as a broad solution, SharePoint is not exactly end-user friendly or intuitive.  The SharePoint Social blog conquers this very topic in, “39 Solutions for Doing Social Business with SharePoint.”

The author proposes:

Doing Social Business with SharePoint is easy and hard at the same time.  Easy, because SharePoint has lot’s of basic social functions build in like mysites, ratings, content tagging, blogs, wikis, noteboards, and more. Just start to use them.  Hard, because the basic out of the box functions SharePoint falls short of many end-user expectations around social. Customization or the addition of third-party products is needed.

Agreeing with the author above, customization of SharePoint or a third-party solution must be implemented.  However, third-party solutions are a much easier answer to the question than customization.  Saving time and costly man-hours, there are many good third party solutions that seamlessly provide SharePoint end users with the added functionality so desperately needed.

One solution that is particularly smart and efficient is Fabasoft Mindbreeze.  Its suite of solutions solves all the problems listed by our author, including: mobile, website customization, and connectors to other software.  Mindbreeze is one solution that works alongside SharePoint but builds connections through an organization’s entire system.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise is the leading solution for fast and comprehensive access to corporate-wide knowledge. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise searches all structured and unstructured data (e-mails, documents, contracts, contacts, notes etc.) within seconds and provides all relevant information structured, prioritized and ready for further use. Staff resources are released to concentrate on their actual task.

Read more about the entire suite of Fabasoft Mindbreeze offerings here.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 3, 2012

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