Lexalytics and Document Summarization

February 15, 2012

No humans required, or that’s the premise.

Lexalytics which is best known for its text analysis engine highlights their text summarization tool. According to Lexalytics:

Summarization is an algorithmic shortening of the input content so as to best represent the whole content in a limited amount of words.

It all starts at the sentence level. The application is able to pick out the most important or representative sentences within the content and use them for the summary. Lexical chaining is involved in the actual choosing of the representative sentences. The company asserts that

“Lexical Chaining relates sentences via thesaurally-related noun” and regardless of where the sentences appear in the text if the nouns are related to each other they can be lexically related. In other wards the longest chain represents the best content and the first sentence of this chain will be the first sentence of the summary. The same procedure is done for the second-longest chain and so on. This is definitely a “chain reaction.”

April Holmes, February 15, 2012

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