Google Plus Functionality X Rayed

February 18, 2012

Why hasn’t Google+ taken off more than it has? ZDNet asserts, “Google+ Numbers Would Be Higher. . . if It Worked.” Writer Tom Foremski has been having trouble with his Google+ and, while he’s at it, Gmail and Google Contacts, too. What’s worse, Google’s famously inadequate support has failed him time and again.

Google’s problem is the company’s lack of participation in social networks, maintains Foremski. Google should be using social media to engage users and to provide some sort of organized support system. The article asserts:

I know that Google wants desperately to have a large social network but it clearly doesn’t get it, because it doesn’t use social networks in providing customer support!. . . . Google will fail at G+ and other social network ventures if it doesn’t fully engage in those networks, and others, with its customers and users. You have to be in it to get it. That’s how things work and there’s no short cuts.

Foremski suspects he is not the only one with Googley problems. He also suspects the company has little interest in fixing his or other users’ issues. The man may just be right.

I noted that Google itself used Facebook to publicize during the week of February 12, 2012, its “major” Google TV and YouTube announcement this week. Interesting. I guess marketers go where the eye balls are, not where the bonus plan suggests.

Cynthia Murrell, February 18, 2012

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