SharePoint, Training Not Required?

February 24, 2012

Lorette S. J. Weldon, a librarian, offers a unique approach to conquering SharePoint in her piece, “SharePoint, Training Not Required.”  Weldon argues that many of the skills and tools used by information professionals transfer well to the SharePoint environment, therefore, intense training is not required if some analogies are made.

Weldon observes:

Through my study last year, I found out that librarians were using SharePoint in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors . . . Microsoft embedded social media tools within the SharePoint platform.  World-wide librarians have been customizing SharePoint by using their social networking skills from MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  It is a ‘plug and play’ social media tool for the office.  It has helped to embed the researching skills of the librarians within the normal business flow of their sectors.

Weldon makes a unique observation about the connection between librarians’ skills and their ability to navigate SharePoint.  However, a chorus of opinion does exist amongst those who are not trained information professionals and cannot successfully navigate SharePoint.  For those individuals who are muddling through, a smart third party solution like Fabasoft Mindbreeze may be worth a second look.

Read more about their quality, usability, and style:

The Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise user interface is based on Web 2.0 technology and combines simplicity with elegance. The operation is self-explanatory.  Work just as you are used to.  Access your data from anywhere. Also on smartphones and tablets.  Elegant design, easy operation. With you wherever you are. Find and access your enterprise and cloud information straight away.

Until we are all trained information professionals, work with Fabasoft Mindbreeze to improve the quality of your SharePoint experience.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 24, 2012

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