SharePoint for your Public Facing Site: Key Points

March 2, 2012

Rapid changes in technology have also brought along changes in web expectations. Users more and more want informative, aesthetically pleasing sites that are consistently functioning with real-time data, which can be challenging to achieve. Eric Riz outlines four considerations to keep in mind before you begin building your external site in, “SharePoint: Should You Use it for Your Public Website?

Some may be unaware that SharePoint can support a public facing site. Some SharePoint sites also integrate content with collaboration. All these features sound good, but Riz discusses four key points to keep in mind before jumping in headfirst. As with most complex information undertakings, a good plan cannot be underestimated.

Riz explains:

It’s important that you plan sufficiently for your site; don’t underestimate the amount of planning required getting your SharePoint website together. We recommend that companies realize the importance of putting their content online and plan accordingly. Begin by defining your branding strategy and the basic layout of your page template; this is where you’ll need to decide whether you want an “off-the-rack” look and feel, or something customized. The latter will require additional time and budget consideration.

Riz also covers considerations in licensing, ensuring the development team is well-versed in extending SharePoint capabilities to the Internet, and staging the deployment.

To give your Web site a powerful search feature with a user-friendly experience, consider a third party solution like Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite. MindBreeze InSite understands that an attractive web site is a company’s digital business card – your shop window.

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With no installation or configuration required, InSite can save you valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on development and training.  Navigate to to read more about web site architect solutions from Mindbreeze.

Philip West, March 2, 2012

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One Response to “SharePoint for your Public Facing Site: Key Points”

  1. Pierre Jean Monrozies on March 2nd, 2012 5:14 am

    Search is cool but architecture focused on content is more relevant. Riz said : plan. He is absolutely right. If you wanna plan a public facing website and industrialize its construction review:

    this is the backbone for industrializing localized website it places content at the core and parallelize development and copy writing thanks to an iterative approach.


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