Vivisimo Does for Content

March 21, 2012

Vivisimo, the information optimization software provider, recently rolled out an automated blog called the Vivisimo Daily. We find it interesting that the blog’s appearance coincides with the company’s step up in customer support marketing.

This microsite has a variety of different media sources in which it displays content, ranging from posts to videos. They even have a CXO mobile contest.

In reference to CXO, the editor’s note states:

Customer eXperience Optimization (CXO) connects customer-facing professionals in your sales, support and customer service organizations with all of the information they need for successful customer, partner and sales prospect interactions.

The service is operated by, a quick and easy way for organizations to publish their own online newspapers. This is an example of a company utilizing to assist with a content play. More original content might be a plus.

Jasmine Ashton, March 21, 2012

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