Navigating SharePoint Trials

March 22, 2012

SharePoint has almost become a corporate mandate, but how can you tell if and how SharePoint will work for your organization?  Many companies want to run a trial to see if SharePoint is a good fit.  CMSWire covers some SharePoint trial options in, “Office365 or SharePoint Foundation – What’s the Best SharePoint Trial?”

Chris Wright covers some of the major pros and cons:

But the world is slowly changing. The Cloud is now everywhere, and many enterprise applications and services are happily migrating. SharePoint is one of them, included as part of Microsoft’s wider Office365 offering. SharePoint Online, available as a free trial for 30 days, is now another way to investigate the world of SharePoint.  However it is important to realize that Online differs from Foundation, and indeed all the locally installed versions, in a number of significant ways. So for the new users wanting to evaluate SharePoint, which is best — SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Online?

But what happens if a trial is run and SharePoint is not a great fit?  The internet is full of content generated by SharePoint developers and users who give practical advice for customizing SharePoint to more effectively meet certain needs.  If you determine that your organization cannot invest added time and money in customization, there is another option, third party solutions.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is a strong enterprise search suite that is already tailored to the needs of end users and developers, cutting out the customization step and allowing more intuitive interfacing with all users.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is more than a search:

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise understands you, or to be more precise, understands what the most important information is for you at any precise moment in time. It is the center of excellence for your knowledge and simultaneously your personal assistant for all questions. The information pairing technology brings enterprise and Cloud data together.

Read more about their offerings and see if Fabasoft Mindbreeze might be an asset to your organization.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 22, 2012

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  1. Sharepoint Developer on March 22nd, 2012 5:37 am

    Sharepoint being a web application platform provides lots of benefits to businesses when web applications are designed using that. Sharepoint offers capability, web technologies and many solutions for critical issues in websites. Using sharepoint application and development, you can deliver a great working product to the client.

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