PLM Solutions Are Not Created Equal

March 30, 2012

CAD-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions offer their users valuable tools to remain relevant in an increasingly globalized business environment featuring diminished product introduction cycles and overall product lifecycles.  A recent article, “CAD-Centric PLM, ERP-Centric PLM, and Organic PLM: What’s Right for You?—Part 1,” from The TEC Blog discusses the advantages of implementing CAD-based PLM solutions.

The article explains those advantages as,

“Indisputably, CAD-based PLM vendors have thorough knowledge of product design and product development processes. This is especially true with regards to inter-disciplinary system engineering (i.e., managing mechanical, electronic, and software components and requirements). Engineering departments and/or manufacturing operations typically drive the evaluation and selection of the CAD-based PLM solution when these vendors win over other PLM alternatives.”

Given that PLM is a growing industry, particularly in regards to integrating CAD with other data, it is reassuring that companies such as Inforbix continue to assist companies with all their PLM data management solutions, even those that are highly complex or that require significant customization.

Tonya Weikel, March 30, 2012


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