Getting More Out of a Solr Solution

April 3, 2012

Carsabi, a used car search engine, recently posted a write-up that provides readers with useful tips on how to make Solr run faster in “Optimizing Solr (or How to 7x Your Search Speed).”

According to the article, after experiencing problems with their current system, Carsabi switched to WebSolr’s Solr solution which worked until the website reached 1 million listings. In order to make the process work better, Carsabi expanded its hardware storage capacity. While this improved the speed a great deal, they still weren’t satisfied.

When explaining the way that Carsabi got the most of their software, the article states:

282ms is pretty good, but I wanted better – Solr was still responsible for over 50% of our user latency. Google was consulted with surprising results: even if you have just one server, you should still shard your workload. This struck me as odd. Surely Solr is multi-threaded, so why the difference? A quick look at top told me this wasn’t the case: Solr’s CPU usage never went above 100% (on one core) even though our server had 16 physical cores.

In the end the writer saw gains of up to 8 shards after making these changes. If you’re having trouble with a sluggish Solr this blog post may help.

Jasmine Ashton, April 3, 2012

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