Alleged Google Plus Search Bias, Illustrated

April 4, 2012

It seems that the SEO experts now realize that relevance is sort of an issue. Wow, great insight. Search Engine Land details “Real-Life Examples of How Google’s ‘Search Plus’ Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy.”

Writer Danny Sullivan uses a few Google searches, complete with screenshots, to illustrate how Google+ is unfairly favored over Facebook and other sites. He even Googled “Mark Zuckerman” with intriguing results. Sullivan’s explanation is detailed and well thought out, and is a good read for anyone following the Google+ Search affair.

The article asserts:

Those results are supposed to be showing what are the most relevant things for searchers out there. That’s how Google wins. That’s how Google sticks it to competitors, by not trying to play favorites in those results, nor by trying to punish people through them. The Google+ suggestions are indeed search results, to me. Right now, they’re search results on who to follow on Google+. I think they could be better search results if they were who to follow on any social network, anywhere.

Good point, but . . . it is kind of rich, considering the source. Is it now time for a conference session titled, “How SEO Killed Web Search Relevance”?

Cynthia Murrell, April 4, 2012

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