Google and European Commission Questions

April 10, 2012

Tech Crunch recently reported on new developments in the European antitrust investigation of Google in the article, “Consumer Group Turns the Screws In Euro Google Antitrust Investigation.”

According to the article, a consumer rights group known as the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC) says that they expect the Competition Commission to release its findings within days– quite a feat considering the fact that it usually takes years for these decisions to emerge.

The article quotes a letter alleging that Google has used search results to restrict access to its competitors while driving traffic to its own services.

The article states:

“Within search, BEUC points out that it provides specific results that also drive traffic to its other services covering areas like maps, video and books (Google Maps, YouTube and Google Books, respectively). It doesn’t mention advertising, although ultimately that is the glue that connects Google’s business, and is another area where the company has created a strong position as a result of its position in search.”

Whether or not Google’s search dominance is enough to stifle competitors, it is difficult to ignore this potential threat when the search giant holds 91 percent and 97 percent of the search market.

Jasmine Ashton, April 10, 2012

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