Amazon CloudSearch Demo Available

April 13, 2012

Search Technologies, a search and content processing consulting firm, has a public demonstration of the new Amazon CloudSearch system. The corpus for the demo is Wikipedia. You can check out the demonstration at this link. I ran a query for one of my favorite math guys “Euler”, and this is the result the system displayed. I noticed a latency of about three seconds, but your mileage may vary. With the announcement of the Amazon CloudSearch service, clicking and testing were probably keeping the AWS infrastructure busy.

amazon sample search

Several features have been tapped by the Search Technologies’ engineers:

  • Facets or hot link to Article Type, Category, and Most Recent Author are display
  • The snippet averages about 70 words
  • The Categories have a slight highlight.

For more information about Amazon CloudSearch, you can start with Amazon’s own information pages.

For information about Search Technologies, navigate to

Stephen E Arnold, April 12, 2012

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