Want to Slip Around the Systems Department? Go Cloudy

April 18, 2012

Silicon.com presents an interesting view of why cloud computing is of interest to executives in “Business Execs ‘Use Cloud Computing to Dodge the CIO’.” Um, shouldn’t different departments be trying to work together instead of flouting one another? Perhaps that’s too naïve. Or too logical.

Writer Steve Ranger points to research from Forrester which found that two thirds of CIOs now believe their business sees cloud computing as a way to circumvent IT. Two Thirds! The article tells us:

“Cloud computing is being used as a way for businesses to dodge the IT department and get services delivered more quickly. But as well as giving the CIO sleepless nights, this attempt to side-step the IT department is causing additional cost and complexity along the way.”

That’s one way to manage: go around the “problem”. Another silver bullet play by the uninformed. These executives may, however, find that they are shooting themselves in the feet. Datamation finds “Cloud Computing: Bigger and Better—But Still Flawed.” In that piece, Robert McGarvey explores the way cloud computing has failed to deliver, and the way it is playing out differently than previously conceived. He writes:

“Cloud computing, so far, has not lived up to expectations — it’s slow, it has troubles housing huge enterprise critical data, and it is perceived as insecure.”

We recall that Google at one time was working to find end user and information technology conduits into the enterprise. We are not sure how well this works. Google, after 13 years in business, generates only about five percent of its revenue from sources unrelated to online advertising. If Amazon jumps into the enterprise sector with more than cloud search, we think the developer angle Amazon takes may be more welcome than the “go around” approach.

Cynthia Murrell, April 18, 2012

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