Microsoft Contributes to Linux

April 19, 2012

Microsoft and Linux used to be bitter rivals. Over the years the tension has eased between the open source OS and the Windows builder, but now Microsoft is listed as a company that contributes to the Linux kernel.  TechNewsWorld tells all in, “Microsoft’s Linux Labors: A Signal of Defeat?”  Microsoft used to call Linux a “cancer” and now they are working in the collaborative development model to support its virtualization efforts and its customers.

The blog and twitter feeds lit up when this news hit the web.  Some believe Microsoft is trying to capitalize off of open source, while others rationalize it was only a matter of time before the PC giant turned to open source software.  Open source is proving its value, especially in the big data and cloud markets, so Microsoft finally realizes how useful it can be.

“In fact, ‘Microsoft is adding code to the kernel to help make it work better for Microsoft, and that is exactly how Open Source works,’ Google+ blogger Kevin O’Brien suggested. ‘Everyone scratches their own itch, and the wonderful thing about Open Source is that we all get to benefit,’ he explained. ‘I hope Microsoft continues to offer code to Open Source.’”

How the mighty have fallen!  PCs are still the universal computer, but open source is starting to become the universal solution for many IT problems.  Combine the two and who knows where technology will go.  Is this the start of a whole new way of thinking for Microsoft?  If so, will Microsoft and its open source software swear not to do evil like Google?

Whitney Grace, April 19, 2012

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