PLM Visual Capabilities

April 25, 2012

Many potential users of product lifecycle management (PLM) products who are proficient in computer-aided design (CAD) can be initially reluctant to adopt such data management solutions because they fear that their view of development processes within the PLM context will be less robust than that offered by the CAD-based applications to which they are accustomed.

In his blog entry entitled “Siemens PLM Software’s Active Workspace Mines Product Data” that recently appeared in Ray Kurland’s Blog, Ray Kurland writes that he is encouraged by the potential applications of the high-definition (HD) visual environment offered by Siemens PLM Software’s newly announced Active Workspace (AWS) Version 1 and explains the innovative capabilities of this emerging technology:

“Exactly what is HD PLM? It’s not a product, but an architectural framework. HD-PLM, announced two years ago, provides a technology foundation enabling Siemens product development team to produce a common set of integrated software tools that will identify, capture and collate the massive amount of information available in manufacturing enterprises, and apply meaning to that data using an intuitive visual environment.”

Inforbix also offers innovative, scalable, and cost-effective data management solutions with its cloud-based, user-friendly PLM products that enable organizations to efficiently find, reuse, and share their product data.

Tonya Weikel, April 25, 2012



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