Brin Plays Defense: Competitors Relieved or Subject to Revisionism??

April 30, 2012

The Inquirer recently posted an interesting item about Google’s Sergey Brin explaining comments he previously made about certain competitors in the article “Sergey Brin Explains ‘Internet Enemies Comments” 

According to the article, Brin thought that his comments were taken out of context. Also since the previous article was a short summary of a long discussion, his opinions were distorted. In reality, he holds competitors like Apple and Facebook in high regard.

In hopes of clarifying his previous statement that Google has a number of Internet enemies, Brin said:

“Today, the primary threat by far to internet freedom is government filtering of political dissent. This has been far more effective than I ever imagined possible across a number of nations. In addition, other countries such as the US have come close to adopting very similar techniques in order to combat piracy and other vices. I believe these efforts have been misguided and dangerous.”

It’s funny how the free flow of information can sometimes work to our disadvantage by blowing statements out of proportion.

Jasmine Ashton, April 30, 2012

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