IBM Asserts Its i Technology Can Handle XML

May 9, 2012

IBM asserts that DB2 can do big data, including XML in IBM Systems Magazine’s “i Can Use XML in a Relational World.” Blogger and IBM employee Nick Lawrence writes:

“In this most recent round of announcements, IBM has included support for the XMLTABLE table function in SQL. XMLTABLE is designed to convert an XML document into a relational result set (rows and columns) using popular XPath expressions. This function has been referred to as the Swiss army knife for working with XML because it can help solve a wide variety of XML related problems.”

Lawrence recommends a good XML TABLE tutorial, located in the SQL XML Reference in IBM’s Info Center. He also identifies and elaborates upon areas that he says could use some more clarification. For example, a way to create an XML response document that involves creating the document “inside out.” I guess that’s a technical term?

It’s a helpful piece if that’s the route you want to travel. However, it involves lots of code, lots of fiddling. A bit like mining asteroids we think.

Our question: Why not use a NoSQL data management system? After all, big data is what those do best.

Cynthia Murrell, May 9, 2012

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