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May 15, 2012

Digg declares, “Social Discovery Site Tagged.com Has More Engagement than Facebook.” Is there a better Facebook than Facebook? Well, not exactly. Tagged.com isn’t better, just different.

Tagged.com used to be much like Facebook, a rival, in fact, in the early days. When the company wisely realized they could not beat Zuckerberg’s phenomenon, they changed focus. Now, their site is a “social discovery” site, a place to find new people. That is one realm in which Facebook does not even try to excel (yet).

The metric used to define the “engagement” of the article’s headline: the average time users spend on each site per visit. While Facebook users average 10.9 minutes, the typical Tagged visitor spends 12.1 minutes. Writer Rocco Penn suggests the difference has to do with the nature of each site:

“Checking through our friends’ and family members’ updates is quick for experienced [Facebook] users and posting to the site is a breeze. With social discovery, there are limitless connections, searches, and profile-views that can happen. It’s simply a matter of how much time someone is able to spend looking for their next social BFF.

“Over the next year, expect a shift in time spent on social discovery. Facebook will be the end destination for the connections we make (unless Google+ can somehow grow more quickly) but the site does not lend itself to finding fresh acquaintances, to ‘reloading’ so to speak. Tagged may be the perfect place for freshness.”

Penn may be right about that. He also expressed surprise that Tagged’s success seems to have snuck up on social media pundits. The company has turned a profit since 2008, and has snapped up some startups of its own, including competitor Hi5. They can also boast of nearly tripling their number of workers over last year, and they seem poised to continue growing: this page is all about their career opportunities.

Cynthia Murrell, May 15, 2012

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