New Book Directs Enterprise Management in Product Lifecycle Implementation

May 17, 2012

In practice implementing a successful product lifecycle management (PLM) program within an enterprise is logical and easy – it just makes sense. Unfortunately executives find themselves often with an overwhelmed workforce of upper and middle level management not sure how to best use the new PLM solution.  Leslie O. Magsalay, a specialist in PLM implementation has recently created a two part book series aimed at helping professionals understand how to best utilize PLM solutions as explained in the San Francisco Gate article, “The PMO Practice Executive Leslie O. Magsalay Aims to Improve Product Life Cycle Management In Her Latest Book”.

The article describes the book and its purpose as:

“The author guides executives through effective strategies used to manage the resources and products in their portfolio and the roles and responsibilities that turn organizations into idea factories. For Program Management professionals and product teams, this playbook highlights the roles, responsibilities and best practices in the product life cycle that assure successful product launch and portfolio management. The much broader audience of organizations outside of the Program Management Office will read this playbook to understand and integrate their activities in the common activities associated with product delivery.”

Magsalay’s books highlight the need for effective and prompt training of all employees within an enterprise who will be interacting with PLM software.  Respected data management providers across the globe understand this need and work tirelessly with their clients to ensure that whatever training is required is accomplished from professionals – not books.  Before any corporations, small or large, decides upon a PLM solution for their needs a thorough look into the ongoing customer support and training practices of the PLM provider is absolutely necessary to avoid having to rely on a book for help in a crisis.

Catherine Lamsfuss, May 17, 2012


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