America’s Technology Highway

May 18, 2012

Dassault Systèmes, France’s largest software company; Parametric Technology Corp., which is based in  Needham, Massachusetts; and Aras Corp., which relocated from New York to Andover, Massachusetts, are among the large number of firms creating product lifestyle management (PLM) solutions who have recently established a presence along Route 128, or the aptly named “PLM Highway,” in the technology-heavy Greater Boston area.

In an article entitled “Route 128 at Center of Manufacturing,” which was written by D. C. Denison and appeared on  the Boston Globe’s website, on May 13, 2012, the significance of this corridor to the growing PLM industry is discussed:

“Today, just about every product that consumers touch—the cars they drive, the planes they fly in, the pots and pans they cook with—is likely to have been created with software developed in the area surrounding Route 128….Boston’s dominance in PLM is rooted in the state’s manufacturing history, and has been 50 years in the making.  The technology grew from the invention of computer-aided design software, or CAD, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 1960s.”

Inforbix, which offers cloud-based solutions data management for companies seeking to find, reuse, and share their increasingly complex product information among their often globalized operations, has a growing presence in the PLM industry and is based near its epicenter.

Tonya Weikel, May 18, 2012


One Response to “America’s Technology Highway”

  1. Gabriel Gheorghiu on May 18th, 2012 3:02 pm

    and with the acquisition of Vistagy, Siemens PLM is now right across the street from Dassault in Waltham 🙂

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