Report Finds Google+ Lacking User Engagement

May 23, 2012

Business Week recently reported on Google’s social media arm in the article “Is Google+ a Ghost Town, and Does It Matter?”

According to the article, RJ Metrics found that, after surveying 40,000 of the 170 million people with Google+ profiles, user activity is rapidly on the decline. Unlike other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, Google+ has an extremely low rate of reposting (15% to be exact) and the average time lapse between posts is 12 days.

Google denies these allegations and states the findings to be inaccurate, but fails to provide its own data on user engagement. The search giant does say that people are two to three times more likely to share content in their private circles than to make posts public.

The article states:

“Robert Moore of RJMetrics acknowledges that the study is skewed by the lack of private data, but points out that his findings echo a ComScore (SCOR) study released in February, which showed that Google+ users spent only about 3 minutes per month on the social networking site in January, compared with 7.5 hours on Facebook.”

While we can certain of the accuracy of this data, based on my own personal experience with Google+ it paints a pretty accurate picture. This study certain reminds readers that Google sits alone at lunch.

Jasmine Ashton, May 23, 2012

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