How to Get More Search Traffic to Your Website

June 2, 2012

Biznology recently provided readers with an interesting take on how to fix a cluttered website in the article “How to Clean Up a Cluttered Website? Content Analytics is the Answer.”

According to the article, Google’s new search ranking algorithm allows the search giant to pay more attention to overall cleanliness and architecture. Therefore, it is essential that websites focus on content analytics.

Even websites that follow all the SEO rules such as writing excellent copy with relevant and engaging imagery as well as incorporated social media and relevant keywords and hash-tags sometimes don’t get high search rankings.

Here is why:

“A common reason: there are other pages in your environment optimized for the same keywords. Especially in large corporate settings, the main culprit to SEO failure is duplicate content. Often this is old junk that is just sitting on a server getting in the users’ way. More importantly, the old stuff is taking up slots in Google’s index, distracting the algorithm in its attempt to rank your content. Even if the old stuff was never optimized, these pages have links into them that should be pointing to your optimized experiences.”

The solution that this author offers to the problem of duplicate content is to “clean house” by auditing content, building a strategy, and choosing the right tools. If organizations follow this simple advice they are bound to up their search traffic.

Jasmine Ashton, June 2, 2012

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