How are Videos Findable in the Sea of Scenes?

June 7, 2012

With increasing downloads on YouTube, it seems the emphasis should be on find ability instead of prescreening objectionable material. The article YouTube Uploads Hit 72 Hours A Minute: How Can That Ever Be Pre-Screened For ‘Objectionable’ Material?, discusses the increased difficulty of prescreening the videos; however an efficient search engine could resolve both issues.

Proper use of analytics or intuitive prediction, YouTube estimated their 72 hours of downloads per minute earlier this year stating:

“We average 60 hours of video being downloaded every minute, with an increase of more than 25 percent in the last eight months.

“This year, a 25% increase will probably take around around six months. In other words, the rate at which uploads occur is accelerating. Presumably at some point things will level off, but there’s no sign of that yet, and it’s not hard to see YouTube video uploads hitting 120 hours a minute or more.”

Locating these videos once they start swimming in the sea of scenes will depend widely on search optimization. YouTube utilizes search engine spiders, which locate by text, not images. Thus it falls into the hands of the films owner to amplify the ease of access using key words or phrases like a website or user name. The more descriptive providers are, the more easily accessible their videos. Proper research and use of SEO content can increase video find ability.

Jennifer Shockley, June 7, 2012

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