Does One Fear or Not Fear in the Penguin Aftermath?

June 8, 2012

To fear or not to fear the aftermath of Penguin? The article 7 SEO Apocalypses That Never Happened recites words of encouragement, echoing the memories of past Google updates.

“My site has been at the top of Google SERPS for very competitive phrases. It’s a high quality site offering hundreds of pages of original content. Then, overnight, my site hit the bottom for almost everything thanks to Jagger.”

Despite rumors of SEO madness no one should lose hope. The past doesn’t always repeat itself as:

“Over the last three weeks, the SEO world seems to have gone mad. Panic has filled the web space: naïve and trusting webmasters start removing backlinks, content and keywords to cause a faster decrease in rankings.”

“This post is not another prescription to fight Penguin, it’s a prescription to stop sweating about Penguin.”

Penguin is going to analyze and hinder sites it believes are engaging in web spam tactics in order to increase search engine rankings. Their analysis will determine who is a spammer and who is not. It has been stated that sites affected will not be easily recognizable as spammers, but activity goes beyond white hat SEO. This could be confused with marketing.

Reassurances are irrelevant until all the kinks get worked out. Only time will tell the impact the new algorithms will have, so a false sense of security can end in an SEO nightmare. Wow, the “screwing up relevance” crowd lives to mislead another day. That is just wonderful…

Jennifer Shockley, June 8, 2012

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